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Snap lock metal roofing, often referred to as a standing seam metal roofing, uses a hidden fastener system. This not only provides better cosmetics but secures your roof in a more stable manner resisting those elements that cause leaking from screw holes “growing” over time and the "wobble" effect.

Snap lock panels are manufactured on site and to specific proportions, ensuring a clean, neat fit, guaranteeing no wobbling or unsightly skew joints.

Roof Coating


Preparation of roof

We inspect the roof for flaws, loose fasteners, cracks, gaps, tears and algae. These need to be repaired before the roof is pressure washed. The roof surface must be treated against algae (if any) and must be thoroughly cleaned by pressure washing using a biodegradable detergent. The roof must dry thoroughly before we apply any coatings.


Our primer improves the adhesion between the existing roof substrate and topcoat. Primer improve the adhesion between the existing roof substrate and topcoat. On some roofs, priming may be optional but they are a small price to pay for peace of mind. If in doubt always use a primer


Coating application
The roof coating is usually applied in two separate layers and is applied after the initial coat has dried. Always let the coat dry before applying another one on. The base coat may be tinted to facilitate drying and to ensure even coverage of the finish coat.